Amazing place to go. very personal and professional. they make you feel very welcome and the medicine they provide is top notch! recommend to everyone !
Best Place hands down ????
This place is the Best place to get the Superem treatment we all deserve. I couldn't not understand how the medicine man could get a bad review after making me feel so good. Thanks Medicine Men, I want to apologize for the bad review that the other dispensary left trying to make you look bad. I would urge anyone to try the Medicine Man their self and experience the Supreme.
holy Grail mixed with gorilla grip. then a capsule of 165 mg of THC. it looked dangerous to others, so I jumped on it. Now I am vaping ghost OG cartridge. it was all worth it.. the only problem with this place is the ample parking. all of the free parking spaces are like my children. I love them all the same..
I love coming in. The medicine man always has the best bud, a crazy wax and edible selection, and a gorgeous set up ????. I don’t go anywhere else in Ann Arbor. He’s got that Detroit hookup in Ann Arbor.
They have a large selection of great weed, with prices that beat anywhere else in Ann Arbor. If you aren’t coming here you’re missing out. I’m satisfied every time I walked out the door. They have a large selection of great weed, with prices that beat anywhere else in Ann Arbor. If you aren’t coming here you’re missing out. I’m satisfied every time I walked out the door.
This place is the real deal. No outrageous pricing, great selection of high quality flower, extremely knowledgeable staff. I don't know of any dispensary that will take back an 8th you did not want and not only tell u to keep it, but give you the flower you meant to grab. This place is legit and has my business for life.. best dispensary in the state, and believe me I've been to them all in every city around.. great job guys!!
Has a very large selection jaylaw00
Nice buds. Nice people
I thought of giving a five star rating but then I felt like I was being watched by the company logo. Just look above the word medicine man, those two large Ms, they're watching me. Bwaaahaha
Good quality buds. Great service extensive knowledge
First visit to Medicine man of Ann Arbor Michigan today was awesome! Great deals on shatter and vape cartridges. Will definitely be back soon Thanks
You all are Awesome! Thank you for taking care of me and my Rottweiler yesterday. You were interested in my CBD company so here it is
Super friendly staff, answered all my questions, great deals, and prices. Anthony was my budtender and took care of me, thanks for the great experience, I'll be back. Happy with my cartridge, my shatter, pre-roll, and for being a new patient, free gram of flower :)
I have a great experience every time I come here. Thank Medicine Man has top shelf medicine, knowledgeable budtenders thank you
As a new client and not knowing what to expect I made my 1st visit to The Medicine Man. The staff was awesome, and very patient,and made me feel very comfortable. they thoroughly answered what I felt was 100 questions. great service- great product. Can’t wait to come back up!
Really liked the fact that they offer a lot of choices with the platinum vapes. Very friendly staff.
Good selection. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good prices and specials. Early morning hours are awesome.
Love this place so much I'm willing to drive 3 hrs to get here
Great customer service! Wide selection of options!
If you ask the percentage of THC in their flower, they have to google it. I don’t think they independently test their product. Most reputable places list the THC and CBD percentage on their flowers so you know what you’re buying.
I came to buy an ounce just two days ago and was shorted 4.6 grams and called to complain and got no answer, flower was great but sucks i didn’t have my full amount
Great place, quality meds. GG
Great Place. Wonderful staff